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Today’s meditation.

Where do you go when you die? Non existent? That might be impossible because of the existence of energy.  There is so much energy inside of us that emits each day we are living.  We radiate into the universe in an exchange.  Perhaps that energy remains in exchange after we are gone.

We are a combination of all of the elements that we are, baked together and intrinsically linked.  Yoga reminds us who we really are.  We get glimpses when we observe, pay attention, and quiet our minds.  We become present and active in the exchange of energy in the universe that we participate in.  We wake up from our human sleep comma where we mistakenly believe we are separate, small, and not divine.  The entire universe is within us, not outside us.  Outside is a reflection, a ripple caused like a stone thrown in a quiet like.  Each moment we are alive is a constant choice in cultivating the quality of that ripple.  

The physical practice of yoga is the best way to respect our bodies, minds, and spirit and improve our clarity, health, and perspective so we can steer our lives in the direction of our highest desires.  The more we practice the more we realize our desires are ultimately about helping ourselves and others.

Energy is sustainable, lasting, and constant.  It is there whether you are aware or not, awake or asleep. Tap in and energize. 

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