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No. You had sex with a girl when you were a child. It ended in pregnancy. You are attacking the morality of a 14 year old girl who terminated a pregnancy that would have resulted in a child that neither you or her had the capacity to care for. A girl that preserved your and her own youth, and stopped a child being raised in circumstances that are not fit for any child. You really should be assessing your own morality. What kind of 14 year old boy fucks a 14 year old girl, without protection, gets her pregnant and then runs an online smear campaign against her for doing what was best for her, her family and you? What? You think you had the capacity to raise a child at age 14/15? How would you feed it or look after it? You wouldn’t. You were going to dump it on her or your own parents, live like the carefree little shit you are and occasionally play with the child when you could be bothered and think “Wow, what a good, brave young father I am.” You made the mistake, she went through the trauma of saving your youth for you. You owe her so much better than this. You absolutely disgust me. Less than forward-slash three, you’re real fucking remorseful. That’s poetry that is. You’re breaking my heart kid. That girl should have every right to decide what she wants to do to her body. The idea that you should take responsibility and give birth implies that you are responsible to this fetus and you owe it something. A pregnant person does not owe a fetus anything any more than they owe you an apology for being alive. Try again, pro lifers. Pro-Choice.



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