Alex Fitch ~ Professional psychedelic/visionary artist / musician / spiritual alchemist here to show the beauty of our outer and inner universes while also providing tools, assistance and information.

So who am I? This man behind the blog…
I’m Alex, residing in California, USA. I am an artist, musician, and avid researcher /writer and lover of all things relating to this life and existence.
I dedicated my life to learning and to help others learn about the beauty within themselves and outside of themselves, after realizing my true self was love - that it was eternal and unphased by external circumstances.

One of my favorite things to do is help other unique/visionary/psychedelic artists get their work seen, as well as photographers and musicians.
I started a company in 2006 to do just that, and haven’t turned back since.

I’m here to unite others who wish to shape this world in a positive light, to co-create and collaborate with visionaries and dreamers who envision a world with more art, more laughter, more growth and learning, more music, more gatherings of loving souls.

This year I have a lot of projects planned to do just that, and I fully intend to get to know a lot of you here so we can work together, and brainstorm ideas.
All of us can bring different ideas to the table and really get some great things going, so I’ll be having weekly video conferences/chat rooms via Tinychat and Skype with specific intentions and purposes but with room for improvisation and democracy.

If you wish to add me on Skype, my username is ‘asabovesobelow2’
I’m pretty terrible at communicating via Tumblr inbox, so Skype is much better for me hahah - but tinychat works really well for multiple people although it can be a bit glitchy sometimes.

Anyways - this year is going to be fantastic. We made it, despite our struggles and obstacles.
There’s always more to learn and always more room for growth, and that’s what I feel life is all about. So let’s learn from one another! :)
Much love, to you all.

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  1. bird0fhermes said: we should totes jam one day brotha
  2. grimspit said: Nice to meet you :)
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