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yo where are my fellow Skyrim addicts at?!

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  2. timblur answered: Sup breh?
  3. hyperdimensionalkittens answered: Right here!!!!!
  4. anyaphenix answered: Here! Have you seen this? youtube.com/watch?v…
  5. lyinglyre answered: recently maxed out my unarmed khajiit with some alchemy glitch unarmed glove boosts and tear dragons apart with my claws in one hit
  6. druggish-lethargy answered: Skyrim, I’d guess. ‘Bout to take a trip myself, too.
  7. tittiesandtokes answered: Playing Skyrim…
  8. fuq-ya-im-high said: Mmmhhmmmm
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  10. etheral-merkabah answered: yooooooo
  11. medddle answered: right here
  12. swifthorse answered: Hola!
  13. 01101100011011110111011001100101 answered: yo
  14. foxinyourholy answered: WERD
  15. chiisaikojika answered: HOLLA MA BROTHA
  16. bi-lakaifa answered: here
  17. eyes-open-walk-with-the-shadows answered: *raises hand*
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    khajiit ftw ;)
  19. benson64 answered: right here!!!