Alex Fitch ~ Professional psychedelic/visionary artist / musician / spiritual alchemist here to show the beauty of our outer and inner universes while also providing tools, assistance and information.

I am looking for some students to assist, provide tools for, and to supply with valuable techniques to improve one’s life and the life of those they encounter.

I’ve been dedicating my life to doing this for the past 7 years, and have no intention to stop anytime soon.

Mindfulness techniques, self-healing, crystal use, astral projection, entering shamanic trance states, third eye techniques, chakra alignment techniques, breathing awareness and techniques, methods to peel away the layers of the ‘self’ to reveal one’s true nature or essence, lucid dreaming, spiritual alchemy, sacred geometry uses and importance, and more are things we will learn about, dive into, and cover.

Humanity is undergoing one of the biggest shifts we have ever faced, and the more we are in tune with ourselves and our outer-universe as well, the more we can move through these shifts with minimal suffering and hardship, and rather instead be able to grow and learn from the experiences we are facing, and will face.

I am seeking serious students only - meaning, we will speak fairly often and meet in chat rooms with others who are interested to discuss these things and learn.

All I ask…is for you to share what you learn, with others.
To help another, is to help ourselves as well.

So, if you are interested in learning more about yourself and techniques to improve your life, reply to this or message me.
Also there’s no catch to this - I’m not asking for anything.
I’m simply on this planet to help others.


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